Shona Cotterill

Business Development Director

Shona leads Business Development for Boundlss, a digital health start up using a unique blend of IoT, AI and human chat to deliver deeply personalized 24 x 7 health coaching in a mobile app.  

Boundlss helps insurers engage their customers and provide them with daily health coaching to help them reduce their health risks and manage chronic conditions.  Boundlss helps healthcare providers engage their patients, providing them with 24 x7 support, 'at home' programs and medication reminders, before and after hospital treatment, to minimize readmission rates. 

Prior to joining Boundlss, Shona worked in insurance, primarily in London.  She joined the industry in 1991, and has held senior roles in companies including KPMG, Zurich Financial Services, AMP, GE Reinsurance Solutions / Swiss Re and RSA.