Kolaleh Eskandanian, MBA, PhD, PMP

Vice President & Chief Innovation Officer, Children’s National Health System

Kolaleh Eskandanian is the Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer at Children’s National Health System. She is also the executive director of the FDA-funded National Capital Consortium for Pediatric Device Innovation, focused on accelerating the path to market for pediatric devices. Kolaleh works with a large network of small and large businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies---all to promote a cause close to her heart, addressing the unmet medical needs of children. She is the producer of two annual innovation competitions that select small businesses who demonstrate the ability to address a significant medical need in the pediatric space. Since early 2014, a total of 14 pediatric medical device companies have been funded through these competitions. Kolaleh’s own innovations are in the market space, used by millions. She is the lead inventor of the first-ever adverse event reporting system, initially deployed in a research academic environment. This technology and its derivatives have now been in the market for over 10 years. She has had leadership roles in the development of the first web-based trouble entry management system for a Fortune 100 company in the telecommunications sector. She has been a key contributor in securing over $40 million in government funding for two large research enterprises. Prior to joining Children’s National, Kolaleh held positions with Intelsat, Accenture, and Georgetown University. Kolaleh’s background is in mechanical engineering with a PhD in operations science and an MBA. A polyglot and avid traveler, she has lived in three continents and always loves to learn about new cultures.