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Full Agenda for the
Internet of Health USA 2018

Data Analytics, AI and Smart
Therapeutics as the Key to the Improvement of Patient Outcomes

Registration & Welcome Breakfast
Internet of Business Opening Remarks & Speed Networking
Chair’s Opening Remarks

Conference Chaired by: 

Laurance Stuntz, Director, Massachusetts eHealth Institute at MassTech (Commonwealth of Massachusetts)

Keynote Panel: Building the Future of Healthcare, One Innovation at a Time
  • What are some of the key clinical innovations your team has achieved through digital health?
  • At what rate is your organization adopting digital health?
  • What are the key barriers to the adoption of digital health in 2018?
  • How are healthcare organizations transitioning into value-based care?
  • How is digital health helping providers and payers face escalating healthcare costs?

Moderated by:

Laurance Stuntz, Director, Massachusetts eHealth Institute at MassTech (Commonwealth of Massachusetts)

Keynote Panelists:

Lesley Solomon, MBA, SVP Innovation, Chief Innovation Officer, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Neil Gomes, MBA, MEd, Chief Digital Officer & SVP for Technology Innovation and Consumer Experience, Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals

Dennis Hillen, MBA, Director – Head of Product Strategy & Product Development, Humana

Thomas Olenzak, Managing Director, Strategic Innovation Portfolio, Corporate Development & Innovation, Independence Blue Cross

Claire Levesque, MD, Chief Medical Officer of Commercial Products, Tufts Health Plan

Peter Kung, MBA, SVP Innovation & Virtual Health, SCL Health System

Scaling up Digital Health (and Making It Affordable)
  • How healthcare organizations are taking the necessary steps to scale up digital health and reduce its costs in doing so
  • Defining key digital health applications: Which hold the potential to make digital health mainstream?
  • Incentivizing digital health to spread its use among clinicians and patients
  • Defining the biggest barriers to the mass adoption of digital health

Neil Gomes, MBA, M.Ed., Chief Digital Officer & SVP for Technology Innovation and Consumer Experience, Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals

  • Uncovering clinical needs, sourcing key technology solutions to solve them
  • How the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation designed the concept and sustainable business plan for its Connected Care platform
  • Focusing on patient experience: Applying design thinking to improve patient outcomes

Douglas Wood, MD, Medical Director – Center for Innovation, Mayo Clinic

Morning Break - Networking & Refreshments

One-to-One Meetings


Kaiser Permanente Ventures’ Director of Strategic Engagement will present a case study on how she is managing big healthcare system partnerships with startups. This presentation will be followed by a selection of truly innovative young companies focusing in the digital health space will showcase their innovations in short elevation sessions.These companies will perform demos of their systems and products onstage.

Introduced and moderated by: Shruti Kothari, MBA, Director, Strategic Engagement, Kaiser Permanente Ventures

Start-ups Presenting:

Luke Bonney, Co-Founder & CEO, Redox

AI Applications: Clinical Decission Support

How Cognitive Computing Is Revolutionizing Precision Medicine

  • Understanding how cognitive computing is helping medical teams multiply the number of found clinical actionable items in deep genomics
  • How artificial intelligence can reduce the time it takes to gather patient data from 20 minutes to 20 seconds
  • How artificial intelligence can be integrated within EHRs to deliver insights in real time that can be used by clinicians when treating patients at the point of care

Rachael Callcut, MD, Director of Data Science & Advanced Analytics – Center for Digital Health Innovation, UCSF Medical Center

  • Creating actionable insights across healthcare systems and care pathways
  • Enabling better patient, operational and financial outcomes for healthcare providers through data analytics
  • Providing single points of access for clinicians to unify patient data
  • Enhancing care consistency and patient experience from PreOp to PostOp and ICU
Networking Lunch

One-to-One Meetings

Critical Care, Data in Motion Phenotyping, and Innovation: The Perfect Storm

Kevin Ward, MD, Executive Director – Fast Forward Medical Innovation, Michigan Medicine (University of Michigan)

PANEL: How Healthcare Organizations Can Navigate (and Make the Most of) Digital Disruption

Moderated by: Fritz Haimberger, Vice President, Global Industry Lead - Healthcare, Appian

Securing Healthcare Data

Protecting Sensitive Healthcare Data by Leveraging Purpose-Built Compliance Safeguards, Devops Automation, and Healthcare Expertise

This session is reserved for ClearDATA.

Building a Whole New Experience for Health Insurance Users through AI
  • Understanding how AI/Bot voice interaction is helping health insurances improve the customer journey
  • Assessing user experience for AI/Bot customer on-boarding
  • Evaluating early results on user engagement for new health insurance members

Shea Long, Staff Vice President, Commercial Innovation, Centene Corporation

Medication Adherence: How Sensors and AI Are Helping Clinicians Ensure Patients Follow Medication Plans
  • How medication adherence apps are helping patients stay on track with medication
  • Examining the effectiveness of next-generation sensors inserted in pill bottles
  • Assessing the health risks derived from poor medication adherence
  • Quantifying how better medication adherence translates into long-term cost reduction for health payers and providers
Afternoon Break - Networking & Refreshments

One-to-One Meetings

PANEL: Reducing Chronic Disease Costs
  • What are the clinical applications of RPM that have proved better results in reducing readmission rates?
  • What are the chronic diseases most suitable for RPM and telehealth?
  • How do different RPM strategies impact clinical outcomes?
  • How are RPM and telehealth are helping providers and payer reduce treatment     costs for chronic patients?

Moderated by: Laurance Stuntz, Director, Massachusetts eHealth Institute at MassTech (Commonwealth of Massachusetts)


Heather Meyers, MBA, Sr. Program Manager, Boston Children’s Hospital 

Tom Hunter, CEO, iHope Network

Sonia Millsom, SVP Business Development, Iora Health

Creating an Enterprise Mobile Experience for Patients and Staff
  • From enthusiasm to action: how to get started when you don’t know how to get started
  • Mobile experience is an ecosystem: from patients to staff, from mobile web to native
  • There’s not an app for that (yet): the hard work of laying the groundwork for native apps

Mark Zhang, MD, Medical Director, Brigham Digital Innovation Hub, Brigham & Women’s Hospital

Beverly Hardy, Innovation Strategy Manager, Brigham & Women’s Hospital

How Humana Is Using Voice Interaction Systems for Seniors at Home
  • Reducing friction and increasing access to valuable digital service experiences through conversational interfaces like Amazon Alexa
  • How Humana’s Healthcare Trend & Innovation team has developed key design principles for engaging with seniors through conversational interfaces
  • Meeting the needs of Humana’s chronically ill population: Insights and recommendations from two years of field testing and the development of custom Alexa Skills

Anjuli Calvert, Innovation Strategist, Humana

Jessica Gatto, Design Strategist and Information Designer, Humana

Networking Drinks Evening Reception

How Data Analytics, AI and
Edge Computing Are Shaping the New Healthcare Landscape

Registration & Welcome Breakfast
Chair's Opening Remarks

Conference Chaired by:

Laurance Stuntz, Director, Massachusetts eHealth Institute at MassTech (Commonwealth of Massachusetts)

How Walgreens Is Collaborating with NewYork-Presbyterian to Expand Access Points to Emergency Care
  • Defining a collaboration strategy with leading healthcare providers to develop telehealth and bring care closer to patients
  • Offering examination, diagnosis and treatment at Duane Reade Manhattan drugstores via NewYork-Presbyterian’s OnDemand Urgent Care program
  • Assessing early results on real-time care for Manhattan patients: Impact on patient outcomes and engagement

Patrick Carroll, MD, Chief Medical Officer – Clinical Programs and Alliances, Walgreens

Transforming Healthcare at the Edge: How Intelligent Health Solutions Are Improving Patient Outcomes and Lowering Cost
  • How the edge impacts clinical decision support: Offering faster access to critical clinical information through local analytics, virtualization and data fusion layers
  • Achieving near-real-time health data analytics from edge to the cloud to improve patient diagnosis and treatment
  • Providing advanced security for patient data protection through the edge
  • Enabling scalability to multiple clinical workloads and applications for long-term growth
Reducing the Administrative Burden Across Hospitals Through Digital Innovation

How Health Providers Are Using Digital Tools to Reduce the Administrative Burden Across Health Systems

  • ‍How digital tools can improve the information flow at hospitals and clinics
  • ‍How reducing the administrative burden across health systems improves efficiency and patient experience
  • ‍Defining the barriers to efficient healthcare administration
  • ‍Evaluating digital innovation optimizing payments

Julia Jackson, MBA, Managing Director, Healthcare Transformation Lab, Massachusetts General Hospital

Morning Break - Networking & Refreshments

One-to-One Meetings

Roundtable Discussions: Personalizing Health Insurance - How Digital Health Can Help Health Insurers in the Transition from Product to Service
Discussion Group A: Incentivizing digital health

Moderated by: Tom Olenzak, Managing Director, Strategic Innovation Portfolio, Corporate Development & Innovation, Independence Blue Cross


Discussion Group B: Measuring health risks more accurately and developing new pricing models through data analytics

Moderated by: Justin Steinman, MBA, VP and Head of Product & Solutions Management, Aetna


Discussion Group C: Reducing health claims through digital health

Moderated by: Patricia Forts, Deputy Chief of Innovation & Strategy, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

How Smart Devices Can Improve Dialysis Care
  • How embedded sensors feeding smart algorithms may enable greater success, at home and in dialysis centers
  • How an IoT infrastructure has connected patients and clinicians with the goal of improving the patient experience and success

Jonathan Handler, MD, VP Digital Innovation, Baxter

How Sensors, Wireless Technologies Are Transforming MedTech
  • Evaluating key applications for connected medical devices
  • Understanding the barriers to sensor implementation
  • How connected medtech is impacting patient outcomes 

Paul Thompson, CEO, Resurgence Medical

Networking Lunch

One-to-One Meetings

Defining Efficacy and Workflow Implementation for Key Digital Health Applications in the ED
  • Why use digital health in the ED?
  • Digital health efficacy in the ED: Measuring the impact on patient outcomes and readmission rates
  • Outlining the challenges of digital health in the ED
  • Deploying predictive analytics to enhance preventive medicine and evidence-based intervention
  • Post-Discharge applications of digital health: Improving patient engagement and reducing health risks

Megan Ranney, MD, Founding Director, Emergency Digital Health Innovation, The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University-Lifespan


How Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Is Advancing Digital Health to Personalize Care

Robin Glasco, Chief Innovation Officer, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

PANEL: Streamlining a Collaboration Strategy Between Providers, Payers and Digital Health Startups

Moderated by: a Senior representative from [email protected]


Robin Glasco, Chief Innovation Officer, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

Peter Savas, CEO, LikeMinds

Key AR Applications in Healthcare
  • Gauging how AR improves patient experience
  • Outlining gamification strategies for therapy and treatment explanations
  • Looking at examples of AR applications in behavioral health

Kolaleh Escandanian, MBA, VP and Chief Innovation Officer, Children’s National Health System

Afternoon Break - Networking & Refreshments

One-to-One Meetings

PANEL: How IoT-Enabled Wearables and Data Analytics Can Enhance Population Health
  • How next-generation data analytics can help healthcare providers and payer identify higher risk population segments
  • Evaluating how reducing population health risks impacts healthcare cost optimization
  • Utilizing IoT-enabled technologies to identify the reasons behind chronic diseases suffered by specific population segments

Moderated by: 

Kathryn Shradley, Director of Population Health, UPMC Pinnacle

Applying Data Science for MedTech and Treatment Optimization to and Improve the Quality of Life in Dialysis Patients
  • Leveraging dialysis data to successfully develop, test, and implement models to predict which patients are most and least likely to:

         - Be hospitalized

         - Missed scheduled treatments

         - Have a decline in their functional status

  • Using medtech and treatment data to better understand patterns of diseases across its population in order to better customize its therapy

Len Usvyat, PhD, VP Integrated Care Analytics, Fresenius Medical Care

Seamless Integration with EHR Systems: Adapting Hospital Legacy Systems to IoT and Achieving Centralized Data Systems for Clinical Decision Support
  • Optimizing EHR technologies to collect patient demographics, progress notes, problems, medications, and vital signs to improve operational and clinical outcomes
  • Making the most of legacy system data: How to ensure ease of integration and interoperability between old and new data storage and analytics systems
  • Achieving maximum interoperability for digital health tools and EHR integration
  • Streamlining Clinical Decision Support through EHR operational clinical informatics

 Sameer Malhotra, MD, Medical Director of Informatics, Weill Cornell Medicine, NewYork-Presbyterian

Chair's Closing Remarks & End of the Conference

Laurance Stuntz, Director, Massachusetts eHealth Institute at MassTech (Commonwealth of Massachusetts)